Floor plus is one of the famous manufacturers and exporters of all types of PVC Flooring such as printed flooring, embossed flooring and many other types of flooring. With our diverse range of attractive PVC flooring, we have become the largest and superior quality manufacturer of PVC Flooring


Introducing the Won step Carpets Range. This excellent range offers the following features:

Strong and Durable, Excellent Resilience, Superb Variety of Colours, Providing Better Comfort, Cleaner Fresher Look, Easy to Clean & Maintain


Any kind of flooring you can think of. And you some you can't.

At responsive flooring, we develop floors that are more than just interiors decoration. Every single one of our ranges is based on a genuine need be it safety, transport, anti-static, wood-finish, or sports flooring. With a futuristic plant and solid, world-class research facilities, we've transformed the vinyl flooring industry in India. It’s no wonder we're sought- after brand the world over, as shown by our increasing export figure. After all we don’t just give people what they want- we give then more.


Technical Specification

Product: Heterogeneous vinyl floor covering with transparent wear layer
Thickness: 1.3 mm in Roll Form, Wear Layer Thickness: 200 microns, PU coating: (Optional), Width: 2.0 M

Wonder floor's Antistatic flooring popularly known as 'Abstract', prevents flow of Static charge into computer terminals Of other electronic equipment, thus providing a shield to internal circuits, thereb1 preven1ing loss of computer memory or 01 her malfunction jog

Instate is extensively used in Labs/ offices/ factorials / banks/ computer software companies, where computers and electronic gadgets are installed and equipment meant for surgery "radiology and data processing etc. are positioned. The Vinyl abrasion layer at the top projects the antistatic layer from direct contact.